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Fibrain - Fiber Optics Solution is a company established in 1993 by the Elmat Group (Poland) as a company specialized in the field of fiber optics. Fibrain products cover all aspects of application of fiber optic and copper cable solutions with constant refreshments, product improvements and introduction of new products according to the demands of fast growing market.



Minicom was founded in 1988 in Jerusalem, Israel. This private company is led by an experienced management team with 150 employees. Departments of research, marketing, sales and logistics are located at the headquarters. The company has regional headquarters in the U.S.A. and Europe, with sales offices in Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, China and India. With over 20 years of experience on the world market in over 70 countries, Minicom's products can be found in thousands of information centers, from small offices to large international companies.



Comqi was founded when Digital Advertising Solutions Department of the company Minicom merged with company EnQii. Enqii was the leader in the area of planning and placement of digital advertising and with this merge the new company ComQi just comfirmed this position even further. ComQi provides equipment and software solutions for all segments of digital signage process.



NTI-Network Technologies Incorporated is an american company with a number of interesting products for connecting, sharing and distributing communication signals (video, VGA, serial, USB) through standard media (UTP cable, Fiber cable).
Some of these solutions are unique in the world of technology.



Mellanox is the world leader in the development and production of InfiniBand products - from silicon (ASIC), cables to jumpers. Mellanox is present in all Top-100 and Top-500 HPC solutions. Integrating the major competitor (Voltaire), Mellanox has achieved the ability to provide high-end Ethernet solutions (40G Ethernet fabric management, Storage Acceleration) and today is a company with the greatest growth potential in the area of information communication.

Hewlett-Packard Networking


Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the world's largest IT companies occupying the leading position in innovation and production of network equipment. HP networking products cover all aspects of LAN, WAN and WLAN segments, using ProCurve, 3Com, H3C and TippingPoint division products.


  • KEMP Technologies


    Proizvode load balancere odličnih performansi i pouzdanosti za nisku cijenu. Trvtke svih veličina mogu naći u njihovom portfelju odgovarajući proizvod za svoje potrebe. Nekoliko hrvatskih implementacija bez ijednog incidenta u zadnjih 2 godine govori dovoljno za sebe, kao i podatak da postojeći korisnici opet kupuju njihove proizvode kad shvate koje im koristi takav uređaj može donijeti. Odlična podrška je samo još jedan dodatan razlog za kupovinu ovih uređaja.

  • Nexsan


    Jedan od najbitnijih svjetskih proizvođača uređaja i rješenja za pohranu podataka, koja nude jedan od najboljih odnosa cijene i kvalitete tj. performansi na tržištu. Sve što možemo reći nakon nekoliko implementacija njihovih rješenja za pohranu jest - toplo preporučamo. Zadovoljni korisnici istih uređaja dijele naše mišljenje.

  • XOR Media


    In May 2012 Seachange Broadcast Group separated from the company Seachange International under the name of XOR Media and O2 is the distributor for Croatia. Storage and media delivery products and solutions that made Seachange Broadcast Group well known a and awarded in several occasions, remaines the focus of the new company.


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